Implement concrete Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications.

For 48 hours on Sep 29th - October 1st, ImplementAI will have 100 participants collaborate and build applications around the latest technology AI has to offer. The hackathon will bring together researchers from the best AI labs in the world, companies and students to explore the implementation of the latest research in AI. During your time here, you will meet other people passionate about AI and learn from the best mentors the industry has to offer. We will offer free food, super cool merchandise (aka: SWAG!) awesome prizes and more food. Whether your are an AI novice or a veteran you will be given the tools, data-sets and guidance to develop your skills and leave knowing you are a better programmer than you were yesterday.

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How to enter

The hackathon is open to all!


Priya Sidnaye


Architecte de Solution de Données

Tavian Barnes

Tavian Barnes



McGill AI

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    How original is this hack and why? What kind of impact does it have? Who is it impacting?
  • Technicality
    How technically hard was this hack to implement? How well developed is the app in the short span of the hackathon? What kind of AI were used, how technically difficult is it to implement?
  • Innovation
    How forward thinking is this idea? Does it push any boundaries? And which boundaries? How does this contribute to the field of AI?
  • Best Presentation
    How well did they present the demo? How confident were they with it's application? Were they well prepared for the demo?